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Best 10 Eco destinations in Egypt

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Ecotourism lately jumped to  high rank among the other tourism programs and Egypt is one of the favorite  countries for travelers around the world because it has very valuable eco resources and many natural areas .

In this article we will mention the best 10 Eco-destinations in Egypt:

1. Marsa Alam:

Wadi_elgemal_Syial island_marsa alam                                  Syial Island – Wadi El Gemal National Park – Marsa Alam

Marsa Alam is located  in the south-east of Egypt overlooking the coast of the Red Sea from the east and the mountains of the Eastern Desert mountains  from the west and Wadi El Gemal from south. Marsa Alam is one of the most eco destinations in Egypt because it hasn’t put seriously yet  on  the map of tourism in Egypt , so  It still a virgin area that hasn’t been touched yet. The  activities that you can enjoy in Marsa Alam, Diving and snorkelling , desert safari and kite Surfing. There are many eco-camps in  Marsa Alam like, Marsa Shagara Camp, Marsa Tundouba Camp, Marsa Nakari Camp and Wadi Lahmy camp .

2- Ras Mohammed:

ras mohamed_sinai_egypt                                       Ras Mohammad National Park, South Sinai, Egypt

Ras Mohammed is located in the middle of the triangle between the Gulf of Aqaba and Suez near Sharm el-Sheikh in Sinai, Ras Mohammed protected is one of the best national parks of Egypt and still has many environmental  resources. In Ras Mohammed you can camp at night to see the wonderful  sky and the reflection  of moon on the sea, also you can dive in the most important diving spots like shark reef, in addition you can enjoy  watching some species  of birds and mangrove.

3- Abu Galoum and  Dahab:

Abu Galum National park                                 Abu Galum National Park, South Sinai, Egypt

Abu Galoum  is located near the city of Dahab and blue hole on the road between Sharm el-Sheikh and the city of Nuweiba and you can access to protected Abu Galoum by boat or camel riding or hiking from Dahab, there are many camps there to enjoy  snorkeling in Blue Lagoon.

4- St. Catherine:

Catherine_Sinai_Egypt                                         Sadd El Nogra, St. Catherine, Egypt

St. Catherine is a spiritual place where there is the sacred religious places such as the Monastery of Saint Catherine, Mount Moses also has many species of rare medicinal plants and a lot of magical  landscapes. The activities that you can  enjoy with at St. Catherine Hiking, climbing and trekking. There are many Eco-camps in Catherine for accommodation but  the best one of them is Al-Karm Ecolodge, there is no electricity and they are  dependent on natural resources only.

5- Taba:

eco_taba_canyon_basata_20151009_3513                                               White Canyon, Taba, Sinai, Egypt
Taba protected Area is located in the northeastern part of the Aqaba Gulf in Sinai.  there are a lot of natural resources that is worth a visit such as the Coloured Canyon and the White canyon and red canyon  and other canyons,  you can spend the night in the heart of the desert in an oasis of Ein Khudra as there are trees and  water springs. Additionally you can stay in Basata Camp, its eco camp  depends on the natural resources in every thing.

6- Tunis Village :

Tunis Village_Fayoum_Egypt                                                          Tunis Village, Fayoum, Egypt.
The village of Tunisia in Fayoum governorate, west of Cairo, Tunis village  is a unique  model for eco village which depend on on nature in every thing beside the talented young artists  who create the beautiful pieces of pottery, beside the famous artists  and writers who stay there .  there are many ecologies  to stay there  such as Soubik and Zad El-mosafer .

7- Wadi El-hitan ( Whale Valley ):

wadi-hitan                                 Wadi El Hitan Museum, Fayoum, Egypt. by Beshoy Fayez
Located near Fayoum, an open exhibition  for fossils of Whales. WADI EL- HITAN located on the map of UNESCO as a heritage area.

8-  Bahariya Oasis:

White Desert_Baharia Oasis                                  White desert, Bahariya Oasis, Western Desert, Egypt.
Bahariya Oasis located  near the White Desert and the crystal and  black mountains.  you can spend the night under the cover of the stars in the White Desert Reserve in a scene can not be forgotten.

9- Siwa:

Siwa_Oasis                                                                                  Siwa Oasis, Egypt.
Siwa is another face of Egypt locted in west desert  of Egypt.in siwa you can find historical places like Amon temple, Natural water springs like Cleopatra spring and old siwa city ( Shali ). There are a lot of Ecolodges  to stay there,  such as Adrereamellal and Jaffer and Taziry and Tghagin.

10-  Nubia:

Nubia_Aswan                                                                         Nubia, Aswan, Egypt.
Nubia is  the gate of Egypt from south located in the south . There are many nubian tribes living there, and a lot of historical temples, beside the natural atmosphere  everywhere ,  you can visit these tribes in western Suhail or Hissa Island or in the city of Abu Simbel. You can stay there in Anakato Nubian house in Gharb sahel or  Eskaleh Ecolodge in Abu Simbel.



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